Premier Hard Surface Solutions

Shower Cleaning and Repair

Showers take much abuse. They get wet constantly, hardly ever cleaned, and undergo many hot/cold cycles. Because of this, shower grout or caulk can become cracked, and sometimes, the grout or caulk is gone. If the grout or caulk is missing, this leads to moisture problems under the tile and behind the shower walls. And also can be a breeding ground for mold.

Here at Premier, we clean showers and replace the grout/caulk that needs attention. So from cultured marbles shower to travertine or slate showers, we can take care of them. 

Installation of all types of shower safety bars or grab handles is also something we specialize in.

If your shower needs some help, call or text (435) 668-0778 for a free estimate on your shower needs.

                                                                Here are some links to companies that sell the products that I like to use: Great Tile And Grout Cleaning Products Great Selection Of Grout, Grout Stains and Thinset Also Has Great Grout Products AKA Contempo Tile, A Great Tile Store For All Things Tile & Grout Also A Great Supplier of Tile, Grout and Thinset Got To Vacuum Stuff Up! Also A Great Supplier Of Grout And Thinset I’ll Just Keep This One To Myself lol I Like To Use These As My Shower Sealing Products

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